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Agatha Kronberg - Modern Artist 

We craft our handmade paper flowers in South Australia, using high quality Italian and German crepe paper to create special gifts and long lasting flowers.  Our unique flowers are perfect for bouquets, special occasions, events, window displays or simply for bringing colour and joy to your home.

From single stems to lush arrangements, we can work with you to design your perfect Paper Botanical.

Emma, Caroline and Sarah

Everyone loves flowers. 


They are an important element of many of our celebrations, our gifts of appreciation or love, and bring a touch of colour and nature into our homes.  In all of these, paper flowers can play the same role as fresh flowers, but with the added advantages of longevity, customisation and year-round availability. 

We are three sisters with a passion for making beautiful, handcrafted paper flowers and botanicals. Each of us bring different skills and aesthetics to Paper Botanicals, resulting in the creation of gorgeous, life-like blooms.

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Beautifully handcrafted. My flowers are so realistic. Thank you 

Susan 2021

They really brighten up our living room and make for a wonderful conversation piece.

Isabel 2020

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